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School Self-Evaluation

What is School Self-Evaluation?

In 2012, all post-primary schools in Ireland were asked to commence a process of School self-evaluation (SSE). SSE is primarily about schools taking ownership of their own development and improvement. In the first phase schools focused on teaching and learning and the SSE process helped them to identify aspects of school provision that were strengths, as well as areas that may have required development.

The SSE process provides a way for schools to systematically plan for, implement and monitor changes and improvements in aspects of practice that they have identified as priorities. It is a six-step process of internal school review that is a collaborative, inclusive and reflective. An evidence-based approach, it involves gathering information from a range of sources, and then making judgments - all of this with a view to bring about improvements in students’ learning.


Here in St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Tulla we are actively engaged in the SSE process. The process has seen staff and students focus on the following areas for development in the recent years:

  • Numeracy and literacy initiatives
  • Oral presentations
  • Use of learning intentions within our classrooms
  • Enhancing school-wide digital literacy

The SSE process for this academic year 2023 - 2024 and for the following years, contains these three areas:

  • A review of the school’s wellbeing provision
  • An aspect of teaching and learning
  • Provision for equity and inclusion
    February 2024: The School Self-Evaluation (SSE) Team here at St. Joseph’s recently conducted surveys of our school community, investigating the area of Wellbeing and how it is promoted in our school. Parents/Carers/Guardians were offered the opportunity to give their views on how they feel that our school is doing in this area.
    These are the survey results, the main findings and our suggested areas for improvement.
    If you have any comments to make on these survey results or have any suggestion for us, please send us an email or have a chat with us.

Wellbeing Parent Survey 2023

Wellbeing Parent Survey Results and Analysis 2023

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