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St Josephs Secondary School, Tulla, Co. Clare Homework Policy.

Scope: This policy applies to the entire school community, i.e. students, parents, teachers, during the course of the school year.
Definition of policy: This policy is a statement of the position of the school community with regard to homework in all its aspects e.g. frequency, duration, format.

Rationale :

  • To inform the school community of the schoolâ??s position regarding homework.
  • To promote uniformity and consistency in the approach to homework.

Relationship to Mission Statement and Aims.

  • The home work policy gives practical expression to the schoolâ??s mission of promoting academic and personal fulfilment .

Roles and Responsibilities in implementing policy: Teachers, pupils and parents play an equal role in, and carry equal responsibility for implementing the policy.

Context: This policy is being developed as part of the whole school plan under SDPI (School Development Planning Initiative).

Review : The policy is subject to annual review.

Definition of Homework.

  • Homework is subject based work assigned by a teacher, for completion by a student, alone or with others, outside of school.
  • It may be oral, aural, written, reading, practical research, project centred or revision in nature.

The Purpose of Homework :

  • To consolidate and supplement the work done in class.
  • To complete what was begun in class.
  • To prepare future work.
  • To give students the opportunity to develop independent working habits.

Expectations regarding Homework.

  • Teachers may expect:
  • That students will record all homework
  • That students will make an honest effort to complete homework fully and on time
  • That students will have adequate facilities to enable them to do their homework, i.e., adequate space, light, heat ventilation, freedom from noise and other interference such as television, radio, music, etc.
  • That parents will supervise homework as appropriate
  • That parents will examine the homework journal regularly and sign weekly
  • That parents will furnish an explanatory note in the event that homework is incomplete or not done

Students may expect:

  • That homework in each subject area will not take up an unreasonable amount of time
  • That adequate allowance is made for time-consuming homework, such as essays etc.
  • That homework will be relevant to class work
  • That homework will be fully explained
  • That homework will be corrected
  • That adequate time will be given in class for the recording of homework
  • That homework will be assigned according to ability

Parents may expect:

  • To be kept informed of difficulties regarding homework
  • To be given the opportunity to discuss homework problems with relevant teachers
  • That teachers would be conscious of learning difficulties when assigning homework

Duration of Homework : This will vary, depending on year group, level of ability, time of year etc., but the following time allocation may be useful as a guide:
First year 11 hours
Second year 2 to 21 hours
Third year 21 to 3 hours
Fourth year 21 to 3 hours
Fifth year 3 to 4 hours
All students will have homework every week night

Incentives. First Year students, who complete their homework satisfactorily during the week, will not be assigned week-end homework.

Parental Involvement. As equal partners in their childrenâ??s education, parents are expected to take and active interest in their homework. In particular they are expected to :

  • Provide adequate facilities to enable their children to undertake their homework, i.e. space, light, heat, ventilation, freedom from noise and other interference such as television, radio, music etc.
  • Provide adequate supervision as appropriate to the needs of the student
  • Examine the homework journal regularly and sign weekly
  • Furnish an explanatory note in the event that homework is incomplete or not done

The Homework Journal . The journal is an essential item in every student equipment item in every studentâ??s equipment. Issued in September to all students, it contains a number of elements, viz:

  • Space in which to record studentâ??s details such as address, telephone number, class group etc. It is important these details are filled in.
  • A resume of school rules
  • Pages on which to record homework given in each subject every day
  • Space at the bottom of each page, which teachers may use to communicate with parents
  • A space where parents sign weekly to indicate that they have examined the journal for that week.
  • The journal is an essential method of communication between teachers and parents.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to examine it on a daily basis and to sign it every week.

As homework is an essential part of school life, it is reasonable to expect that all students will make an honest effort to complete it satisfactorily.
Situations may arise from time to time which prevent students having their homework done. Naturally, in these cases, no sanctions will apply provided an explanatory note from parents is furnished.
In the event of failure to attempt work, without a credible excuse, or obvious disinterest in doing same, teachers may impose reasonable sanctions with a view to bringing about an improvement.

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