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iPad Policy of St Joseph’s Secondary School, Tulla, Co. Clare

St. Joseph’s Secondary school recognises the rapid expansion of modern technology and the growth in both the quantity and quality of applications suitable for use in schools. St Joseph’s is committed to developing the use of these new technologies to enhance the educational experience of students and to improve outcomes for them.

We embrace the particular opportunities presented by iPad technology and will authorise the use of such devices provided that they are used in a manner consistent with the established teaching and learning objectives of the school and that they are used in accordance with all the relevant school guidelines and rules.

Acceptable Use Policy: This policy must be read in conjunction with the St Joseph’s Secondary School Acceptable Use (of the Internet) Policy which is published on the St Joseph’s website: www.sjt.ie

This iPad AUP is subject to ongoing review and amendment.

Equipment: Parents/ Guardians are responsible for purchasing the iPad and ebooks/apps for their sons/daughters. They are also responsible for its safe-keeping, repair and insurance. Whilst parents retain ownership and possession of the iPad, they agree to grant to teachers and school principal and Deputy Principal the right to collect and /or inspect and /or confiscate (for a limited period) the iPad at any time and the right to: alter, add, block or delete installed software, apps, hardware, internet access etc.

All devices must have our MDM (Mobile Device Management) software installed on the iPads. This allows us to control the iPad in a monitored environment in the school.

 Usage, within the school is a privilege and not a right. Students may lose their right to use the iPad and to have it in their possession if they abuse their responsibilities and breach this policy, the school AUP and the Code of Behaviour and School Rules.

Substitution of Equipment

In the event that a student’s iPad is inoperable, the school may provide a spare iPad for use while the student’s iPad is repaired or replaced. This Policy remains in effect for the substitute iPad. However, only one substitute iPad will be provided to a student at any one time. If a student damages, forgets to bring this replacement iPad to school, or comes to school with it uncharged, a second substitute will not be provided.

Customisation of Equipment

Students may be permitted to personalise their iPads and install/software subject to the oversight of the ICT Co-ordinator, the ICT Team and the Principal or Deputy Principal. The school retains the right to inspect hardware or block software/apps. All apps/software must be in accordance with the school’s AUP policy and good taste. Any breach of this rule will attract penalties under the Code of Behaviour and School Rules. School management is the final arbiter of what is appropriate in the circumstances.

When the school decides to restrict a student’s or a class group’s usage of the iPad, parents/guardians will be notified in advance. Parents/Guardians agreement will be sought but if a satisfactory outcome cannot be reached, the school reserves the right to ban the student from having the iPad in school and the parents will be required to provide the students with regular textbooks at their own expense.


Standards for Personal iPad Care

Students Responsibilities:

Pupils must not use their iPad in School corridors or on school grounds outside of class time (unless with the Teachers’ permission).


In the event of any disciplinary action, the completion of all class work remains the responsibility of the pupil.


If an iPad is left at home or is not charged, the user remains responsible for completing all schoolwork as if they had use of their iPad.


Malfunctions or technical issues are not acceptable excuses for failing to complete school work, unless there is no other means of completion.


Users may not photograph any other person, without that persons consent.


Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background photo.


Parental Responsibilities:

Parents should inspect the iPad each evening to ensure that it is in good working order.

Parents should report, immediately, any damage, interference or bullying relating to ownership, possession or use of the iPad.

Parents should inspect the iPad and the installed Apps on a regular basis to ensure that there is no inappropriate material on it or any inappropriate user.

Parents agree to the inspection of the iPad and installed apps and to the restriction of games, apps, facilities and the internet when deemed necessary by the ICT team and management.


School’s Responsibilities:

 To apply this Policy, the Acceptable Use Policy and the Code of Behaviour and School Rules.

To make every effort to ensure quiet use and enjoyment of the iPad by all students who use the iPad.

To provide a safe storage area (lockers) for students during breaks and whilst they are on tours, trips or activities.

To assist students to resolve any technical or other issues.

The school is not responsible for any loss or damage to students’ property.


Using the iPad in Class

Use of an iPad in class requires pupils to observe the important points outlined below;


       Students should ensure that their eBooks are installed and working properly. Any issues or faults should be reported to the ICT co-ordinator

       Usernames and passwords for eBooks should be retained in the notes app of each pupil's iPad

       Students should follow all instructions of teachers in class

       Students are not allowed to use any app in school which is unrelated to class work

       Teachers are allowed to view the most recently used apps on a student's iPad without any objection from the student

       Students should take care not to leave their device on table edges or in any position where damage could occur

       Students should set their iPads to lock automatically after a few minutes of non-use

       Pupils should not reveal passwords to anyone else

       Usage of any social networking app is strictly forbidden during school time





The user agrees that the camera will not be used to take inappropriate, illicit or sexually explicit photographs or videos, nor will it be used to embarrass anyone in any way.

Any use of camera in toilets or changing rooms, regardless of intent, will be treated as a serious violation.

Images of other people may only be made with the permission of those in the photograph.

Posting of images/movies on the Internet into a public forum is strictly forbidden, without the express permission of the Teacher or in the case of staff use; a member of St. Joseph's Tulla senior management.

Use of the camera and microphone is strictly prohibited unless explicit permission is granted by a teacher.

Users may not photograph another person’s work without explicit instruction from the teacher.


General Care:

·         Do not do anything to the iPad that will permanently alter it in any way.

·         ‘Jailbreaking’ of the ipad is strictly prohibited

·         Passwords issued by the school must not be changed without permission

·         Do not remove any serial numbers, identification or school labels placed on the iPad.

·         Keep the iPad clean. For example, do not eat or drink while using the iPad.

·         Do not remove the iPad from any protective case.

·         Do not use during breaks, or on the corridors or otherwise outside class except with the express permission of a member of staff.

·         Do not subject the iPad to extreme heat or cold.

·         Do not store or leave unattended in vehicles.


Personal Health and Safety

·         Avoid extended use of the iPad while resting directly on your lap. The bottom of the iPad can generate significant heat.

·         Take frequent breaks when using the iPad for long periods of time. Look away from the iPad approximately every fifteen minutes.

·         Do not provide your personal information to anyone over the Internet.

·         Do not share your passwords with anyone.

·         Keep the iPad in a secure location when not in school.


Restricted Use and Confiscation

Students who breach this policy and or the AUP and/or any reasonable standards of user of the iPad will be subject to the School Code of Conduct. A student may be put on restricted/limited access and use of the iPad, at the Principal’s/Deputy Principal’s discretion, during the school day, for a limited period until such time as the Principal/Deputy Principal determines the student has satisfied the conditions for non-restrictive use as specified by the Principal/Deputy Principal. Reasons for placing a student on Restrictive Use and or confiscation include but are not limited to the following:


·         Excessive damage

·         Excessive loss

·         Non-acceptance and /or compliance with this policy and the AUP.

·         Excessive interruptions in service due to the repair of local modifications

·         Inappropriate, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, profane, or illegal material found on the iPad

·         Violating standards for Personal iPad Care

·         Failure to co-operate with school’s investigation of abuse/or misuse of iPad

·         Repeated failure to bring to class daily/failure to bring the iPad to school charged

Parents’ /Guardians’ Agreement:

We have read and understood the iPad Policy document and the School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and hereby agree to the terms of this policy and the AUP and grant to the school authorities the right to inspect and monitor our daughter’s/son’s iPad and its Apps/programmes and in exceptional circumstances to confiscate it for a limited period because of abuse and/or misuse by our daughter/son or any other person or students. We hereby agree and give permission to the school authorities to delete inappropriate material from our daughter’s/son’s iPad and to prevent/block the installation of certain apps and/or to restrict/limit the students’ use.

We agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy, the school’s AUP and the School’s Code of Behaviour as they apply to ownership, possession and use of the iPad and its installed apps.

Name of Parent/Guardian: _______________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ____________________

Date: ________________________

Name of Student: __________________

Signature of Student: ___________________

Date: ___________________

Ratified by the Board of Management on 23rd September 2015

Student Contract for iPad Use

1. I will take good care of my iPad.

2. I will never leave the iPad unattended.

3. I will never lend my iPad to others.

4. I will know where my iPad is at all times.

5. I will charge my iPad’s battery every night

6. I will keep food and drinks away from my iPad since they may cause damage to the device.

7. I will not disassemble any part of my iPad or attempt any repairs.

8. I will protect my iPad by only carrying it whilst it is in a case.

9. I will use my iPad in ways that are appropriate.

10. I understand that my iPad is subject to inspection at any time without notice.

11. I will only photograph people with their permission.

12. I will only use the camera or the microphone when my teacher tells me to.

13. I will never share any images or movies of people in a public space on the Internet, unless I am asked to do so by my Teacher.

14. I agree to abide by the statements of this iPad acceptable use policy.



Student Name: ___________________________________


Signature:        _____________________________                        

Date:               _______________________


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