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Aiming Higher



With skills shortages already in many sectors, Ireland needs more higher-education graduates. These skills needs will be met mainly by graduates. Entering higher education is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. For young people thinking of going to college, it is important that they and their families are properly informed so that they can make the right choices. We know that almost half of students who do not complete third level say that the main reason they did not do so was because their chosen course was not what they expected it to be.

Download this file (AimingHigher_update_15_4_2015.pdf)AimingHigher_update_15_4_2015.pdf[ ]10575 kB

Helpful Links

Department of Education and Skills www.education.ie link to the Department of Education & Sciences

Central Applications Office www.cao.ie link to the Central Applications Office

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment www.ncca.ie link to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme www.lca.ie link to the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme www.lcvp.ie link to the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

Second Level Support Service www.slss.ie link to the Second Level Support Service

QualifaX: The National Courses Database www.qualifax.ie link to qualifax


How to Study?

The way that you are studying right now might not be the best for you: How would you know? Easy: If your grades aren't what you'd like them to be, then you probably need to change how you study!

I am going to give you some suggestions on how to study efficiently. But, given that everyone's learning style is different, some of my suggestions may not work for you, at least not without some individual modifications. Nevertheless, I urge you to try them. Most successful students use them (or some slight variation of them).

Download this file (How to Study.doc)How to Study[An outline of some tips to develop or improve study skills]304 kB
Download this file (Curve of Forgetting.doc)Curve of Forgetting[The importance of reviewing and revising]36 kB

Subject Choice - Minimum Subject Requirements

Minimum Subject Requirements provides an easy way to see the effect of taking / not taking particular subjects at Junior or Leaving Certificate.

This module aims to give help to students and parents in making decisions about which subjects to take at Junior Certificate or in the Leaving Cert exam. Our intention is to make it easy to see the long term consequences of taking or not taking any particular subject. There are often problems about changing the level of a subject that may not be immediately obvious, like changing from Higher Level maths to Lower level. Checking here can avoid a bad decision that cannot be fixed later.

Click here for the Minimum Subject Requirements Module ...

Junior Cycle Subject Factsheets

The NCCA has put together a set of factsheets which give information about the different subjects available in junior cycle.

While the fact sheets have been designed with sixth class pupils and first year students in mind, they will also be useful for parents.

Click here to get full list of factsheets ...

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