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October is Dyslexia Awareness month. As we know, 1 in 10 students present with Dyslexia in Irish post-primary schools (DAI 2020). To date, there is no agreed national or international definition for Dyslexia. Nationally, all relevant agencies (DES, HSE, NEPS) agree that it is when a student presents with difficulties in reading, spelling and/or writing, with such difficulties being unexpected in relation to an individual's other abilities and educational experiences. 
Many parents of students with Dyslexia struggle to know how to support their child at post-primary level as the challenges are different to those experienced at primary level and the present Covid crisis has exacerbated this. 




The Dyslexia Association of Ireland are hosting a Zoom webinar for parents on how to support their child with dyslexia at post-primary school. Please see document attached for further details. This webinar aims to give practical help and advice.


Download this file (NEPS Reading-and-Dyslexia-Shared-Paired-Reading-At-Home.pdf)NEPS Shared Reading Tips[ ]226 kB
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