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On the 25th September, the music students of SJT, along with students who had participated in the Titanium performance, headed to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin to watch Grease the Musical. The theatre was full of other secondary schools and we got a picture taken before we went in.  The show began at 2:30pm.


It was based an American High School, Rydell High and the scenes were set in the school gym and a diner. The visual effects were sensational and we really felt we were transported to the 1950s. The cast was very good, especially Peter Andre, who played the role as Teen Angel, he was superb. He was one of the best cast members and really knew how to get the crowd going. There were a couple of differences between Grease the Movie and the musical, for example, some of the songs were in a different order and the group of boys were called the ‘Burger Boys’ after the diner they went to. The car props were well-made and the special effects were good too. We had a thoroughly enjoyable experience and would highly recommend this musical.  


Written by the First Year Music Class, Oct 2019.




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