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This year St Joseph's achieved great success at the SCIFEST regional science competition in LIT Limerick. St. Joseph's received a special award from Intel as Best School participating in the competition. We submitted three projects this year, all of which were commended on their excellent work.



Image 1: First Year Group Representing SJT at SCI-FEST.


Image 2: Charlotte Campher, Ciara Sheppard, Sarah Nihill: 3rd Place in the Biological and Ecological Science Category 

Looking Downstream: Could Nanosilver in Consumer Products Affect Pond Life? Consumer products, such as sports clothes, cosmetics, and even food containers contain tiny silver particles, which are used to prevent the growth of to bacteria and fungi. This project investigated how a specific freshwater organism, Daphnia magna, responds to the exposure to different concentrations of nanosilver.

Image 3: Róisín Sheedy and Saoirse Donnellan :2nd Place in the Chemical and Physical Science Category

Solar-powered Chemistry: A Study of Chemical Reaction Rates in Ultraviolet Beads An investigation to determine if uv beads could be used to determine how effective sun cream, and sunglasses are at detecting the damaging effects of uv rays.


Image 4Molly Jane Sweeney: 3rd Place in the Chemical and Physical Science Category

Asteroid Mining: Gold Rush in Space?

 A study into the composition of asteroids and an investigation into whether it will possible to mine on asteroids in the future



Image 5: SCIFEST Representatives with teacher Máiread O'Brien receiving the INTEL Best School Award



A huge congrats to all involved for their incredible achievements!

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