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On Tuesday 17th of December 2018, the Junior Cert Art Class and two fifth years went to Glor to see the exhibition "Mick O Dea Selects". 

O Dea has just finished his term as president of RHA and here he rounded up his term by inviting a selection of wonderful RHA artists to exhibit with him in his home town. Before we left the school we studied O Deas "Milk and Honey " which hangs above the music room in the GP area.

On arrival in Glor we were met by Alan who gave us the grand tour back stage, through the auditorium , the dressing room,and the green room where Artists chill before performance ..

We  were then  delighted to be served huge mugs of hot chocolate and biscuits, setting us up nicely for a few hours drawing/sketching and note taking in the gallery upstairs. Miss Nugent was on hand to answer any questions related to the War of Independance which is a strong influence on O Deas work.

Before we headed back to the bus Miss Moran wanted to show us some of the Art works around town.. we went to see Shane Gilmores Sculptures, and found out that there is one of his pieces in the Meditation room which commemorates John Delaney, the former Art Teacher in SJT.


It was a day filled with information and we learned that Ennis has so much to offer artistically.....




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