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YSI is a project that allows young   people to pick a social issue that they are interested in and make a change.
For many years, Ms. Hogan has been working with TY groups to help them generate, research and investigate many thought provoking projects for the Young Social Innovator competition. The areas chosen have been as diverse as Positive Body Image to Alcohol Abuse, Farm Safety to Positive Relationships. Surveys and Songs, Movies and Posters have all been created to communicate the passion of our students to change their world. Last year our group had great success winning their category with their research into domestic violence and positive relationships. They have been invited to work with experts to further their project, such was the quality of their initial presentation.
Our TY students never fail to impress us with their ability to pinpoint social issues, that need to be addressed.
Cairde – Friendship
This Year the TY 2 class have created a Cairde group with the actively retired group in Tulla, as part of their Young Social innovator project. TY 2 decided to work with senior citizens in our community to help to pass on traditions from the past that would otherwise be lost. The actively retired share their lives with us and we in turn share our talents and lives with them.  It is a very special opportunity to develop links between the generations locally and have fun at the same time.
Each Tuesday our senior friends come into the school and participate in various activities with the students. They have visited History classes and English classes and share their stories about life long ago. At the moment we are busy preparing for the Christmas concert where the Cairde group are the first act. The sketch  involves a story from  dances years ago telling how the young people, at that time, used to treat each other and the customs they had. 
We got this idea from a short video we filmed in the court house in Tulla highlighting the differences between the dances years ago and young people going out today.  The first obstacle we had to overcome was language. We use very different terminology now to discuss the whole dating scene. We learned a lot about etiquette and the older people were introduced to the area of internet dating. This led to lots of laughter. Emma Sams produced this film with us and is entering it into the Scarriff Film Festival.
We have had a very positive response from the community to all of our initiatives with our Cairde group. Our link person is Kay Madden. She co-ordinates the senior citizens and Ms Hogan in school co-ordinates the TY's. We all look forward each week to Tuesdays as it means we can have a cup of tea and a chat before we get down to rehearsals.


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