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Cork Pops Orchestra Trip - ‘A World of Rhythm’. 

St. Joseph’s First, Second Year and LCA classes visited the Cork Pops Orchestra in University of Limerick Concert Hall on Friday, 9th November. Evelyn Grant was the conductor and, frankly, she did an amazing job. She also interacted with the audience, introducing the various pieces and describing the special features of every instrument. There was an array of instruments from all orchestral families, including string, woodwind and brass.  

The concert was aptly titled ‘A World of Rhythm’ as there was a particular focus on percussion instruments. The regular tuned and untuned percussion instruments were present, along with a few surprises.  Pieces included the Anvil Chorus by Verdi which was played by hammers hitting car break discs. Balero by Ravel featured a snare drum and Typewriter by Anderson featured a typewriter, guiro and bell.  

There were two special guest musicians, Phoebe Dipple and DJ Dashka. Phoebe played Snow White in the pantomime in Cork and DJ Dashka presents a show on Spin South West. He showed us his skills on his sound sampler.  

Experiencing this show definitely broadened our knowledge of the orchestra. We learned that the percussion musicians didn’t stay in one place for the performance, as they needed to move around quite a lot during the show to play a variety of instruments. In conclusion, the concert was a very enjoyable experience and we would love to go again next year! 


By: Polly Donnellan, Chloe Gallagher & Sarah Nihill  



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