Firstly, due to changes in Data Protection Regulations, students are now allowed to bring in a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera for the purpose of copying their own script/s. 
Secondly, following a decision of the European Court of Justice last December, you, the student have a legal right to a copy of the personal data which the SEC holds about you, in this case, your Leaving Certificate scripts. You can now request a copy of your examinations scripts. These requests will take at least 90 days to process so this is NOT the route to take if you are thinking of making an appeal as the closing date for appeals is September 5th. 
Also, you will now be able to make a data access request for the recording of your oral exam. In this case, you will be provided with the recording of your own responses, not the questions that you were asked as this is not your personal data. 
Finally, you can make a data access request to have the marks of practicals and oral tests provided to you. This information is. It provided at the viewing of scripts and is not routinely released.
The student, and only the student, can access their papers. While one other person can accompany you to view your papers, it isn’t possible for your school, your parent, your friend or any third party to view and copy your scripts on your behalf. As has been the case in previous years, the dates for the viewing of the scripts coincides with the Electric Picnic. So - no copies of exams for any picnic peeps!! 
Hopefully, this has helped you understand the changes ahead.
It is important to remember that this new system will add significantly to the workload of schools and the SEC. Any data access request will take time for the SEC to process. It is important that our right to information is considered a  privilege.