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After a 6 week journey of trials and tribulations, our 3rd year Science students have successfully sealed the envelopes on their Science Coursework B projects. Over the course of 2 months, they embarked on a journey of discovery (along with some blood, sweat and tears) completing two significant projects that account for 25% of their overall result of their Science grade.

The project titles selected were:
Chemistry: Investigate the effects of changing the voltage and the concentration of sulfuric acid on the rate of production of Hydrogen gas during the electrolysis of water.
Physics: Investigate the effects of changing the hair colour and hair treatments on the tensile strength of hair taken from the human head.

This occasion signifies the end of an era for Junior Cert Science as the curtains have closed for the final time on Coursework B projects. From this year forward, 2nd and 3rd year Science students will embark on investigation-centered classroom-based assessments that aim to instill a love of Science and self-discovery for our students.

Watch this space for some examples in the coming weeks of the challenging research questions that our Second Year students have decided to explore between April 24th and May



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