lcvpThe fourth year LCVP class have been busy of late with their Valentine's fundraiser. Students decided to fundraise for Pieta House by organising a fun Valentine's themed event. Beautiful handcrafted cup cakes were delivered throughout the school with private personal messages attached. The LCVP class considered a variety of charities and chose to donate their profits to Pieta House. We hope to have a visit from the charity later this year to tell us about their work.

Youth Connect, an organisation tasked with educating young people about Employment Legislation will present a workshop to fourth year LCVP students and Transition Year students on Monday, February 22nd. Students hope to gain an insight into how Employment Laws will influence their experiences in the workplace.

Students visited O' Connor's Bakery earlier this year. Mr. Brendan O' Connor kindly organised a tour of the bakery and helped students gain an understanding of how indigenous enterprises support the communities in which they operate. Our students learned about marketing, finance, production and distribution in a business that is familiar to all local residents. We are always grateful to the members of our local business community for their assistance with many elements of the LCVP programme, including visits out and provision of work experience.